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 Your Pixel Dungeon  APK Download

Your Pixel Dungeon APK

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Title: Your Pixel Dungeon
Author: Eric Britsman
Latest Version: 3.0 and up
Last Update: February 11, 2015

Download Your Pixel Dungeon APK from Eric Britsman last update February 11, 2015 and Developer Email ericbritsman[@]

Your Pixel Dungeon NOTE: This mod is currently not being updated due to other priorities.

Your Pixel Dungeon is a modification of the open source game Pixel Dungeon, which is a popular roguelike for the android platform. This mod currently adds a tutorial and a map editor feature. Maps can be exported to/imported from a public folder called YourPD. When connected to a computer you can copy the files in the folder to send to other people, and put other peoples' maps on your own phone (if you have downloaded any and placed on your phone).

Main Contributors: Eric Britsman, Özgür Tanriverdi & Anton Grönlund

see also: &

License information can be found here:

Our source code can be found here:

The original game can be found here:
The original source code can be found here:

Please feel free to leave a review, any feedback is much appreciated!

The game uses autosave (so don't worry about how to save manually). The save for a character is deleted if the character dies.

You can scroll up/down in the map editor views.

You can have max 10 custom dungeons (with any amount of depths). Longclick on a file in the first page of map editor to access the file delete dialog.

The tabs in the second page of the map editor are scrollable, you may need to scroll a bit to access and modify a certain depth.

If a floor tab is long-pressed, the delete dialog for the tab (and that floor in the map) can be accessed. Due to a bug if you delete floor 1 when only 2 floors are left and floor 1 is selected, you will need to go out of the tabs view and reselect the map you were editing (to force refresh UI).

You will automatically get a "finish" screen when descending the last staircase in your custom dungeon.

If you want the player to start at a certain level with certain items, the best solution right now is to have your first depth be mob-free, then add items and experience potions as needed to depth 1 then have the "real start" be from depth 2.

The game's wiki has information about all items, mobs, rooms etc :

Depths are generated based on the custom settings, but the layout of each depth will always be random (you will find everything you have specified, but it will be in a different place on the depth each time).

Boss type depths can only be modified with items (and always contain the "correct" boss).

Rooms can currently not be modified. As such, Shop room is not selectable since the items in it is based on "standard" 25 floor dungeon logic.

Sign contents/placement is not currently supported.

Quests are not currently supported.

Cannot set starting level/equipment of the player character.

//YourPD team

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 Your Pixel Dungeon APK Cover Your Pixel Dungeon APK Cover Your Pixel Dungeon APK Cover Your Pixel Dungeon APK Cover
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